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05 March 2018

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Complete lgnition Systems

One of our strengths is offering our customers system solutions instead of individual components. Our complete pre-assembled and factory-tested ignition systems permit a quick and easy assembly – this saves you time and money. 

Our test procedures, coordinated with DIN ISO 9001, ensure the quality of our products to guarantee trouble-free operation of your system.

Ignition systems are available in the following configurations:
• For all engines of 2-20 cylinders
• With MIC3/4/5
• Cable loops in lengths requested by you
• In unshielded or shielded designs

Save a large amount of time and costs by installing “open” systems - MOTORTECH makes it easy for you.


lgnition Conversion Kits

Today, many older engines are still equipped with ignition systems which are no longer technically up-to-date. These normally mechanical ignition generators are subject to constant wear-and-tear, therefore the operation of these systems is often linked with high maintenance and repair costs.

MOTORTECH offers complete conversion kits with the latest electronic ignition to anyone wanting to save future costs in this area.

Reduce your downtimes and extend the life of your systems - and save material and personnel costs – by “upgrading” your ignition system.

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